Vence Postcards
By Manufacturer

Vence Postcards by Manufacturer

You are now browsing the Vence vintage postcard collection by manufacturers. You can also view the postcards by location. You’ll find links below for 103 different companies that have manufactured the postcards in this collection.

I felt it was important to organize these postcards by manufacturer for historical reasons. There are dozens of different companies who have, at one time or another, manufactured postcards related to Vence. To the best of my knowledge (please correct me if I’m wrong) most of this information has not been documented on the web. I wanted to create a place where people could go to see all the different companies and view postcards from each one.

Of the 105 manufacturers represented here 30 are represented by just one card. The manufacturer with the most cards is Etablissement de Photographie Giletta with 69 cards.

Steve and Carole in Vence - Vintage French Postcard - Etablissements Frédérick Laugier - 2 Front
2 – L’ancien Couvent et L’Entree de la Ville
(Etablissements Frédérick Laugier)
Steve and Carole in Vence - Vintage French Postcard - Etablissements Freerick Laugier - 2 Back
2 – Back
(Etablissements Frédérick Laugier)

I believe that this is the largest online collection of vintage Vence postcards that currently exists. If you have high quality scans of any postcards from Vence which I am missing and would like to contribute to this project, please contact me! I would love to use your cards to fill in missing portions of this collection and, of course, I will be happy to credit you.

If you have any questions about any of the cards featured here, if you see any errors or if you would like more information, drop me an email at

Click on any of the links below to view postcards according to their manufacturer. Number of cards are listed next to link.

A.D.I.A. – Nice (2)

Anciens Etab (31)

Bonnafoux (4)

Braun & Cie (20)

Cagnoli Papeterie (8)

Cie Alsacienne des Arts Photomécaniques (1)

Cie des Arts Photomecaniques (49)

Coll. E Francone (2)

Collection Eclecta (1)

Collection J.O. (1)

Collection La Cigogne (10 – in a booklet)

Collection Mlle Marcheteau – Photos (1)

Combier Imprimeur Mâcon “CIM” (20)

Ed. A. Rion (7)

Edit. E. N. Reydellet (4)

Edit. Clavel, Tabac (2)

Edit. E. Lombard (1)

Edit. Paul Raynard (2)

Edit. Raynard (12)

Edit. Servelle (2)

Édition AFI (3)

Edition Artistique, Librairie Moderne (1)

Edition Azur (2)

Édition de Soignie (1)

Edition Cagnoli (8)

Edition Giletta (11)

Edition Guigou (4)

Edition L.R. (12)

Edition La Provençale (4)

Edition Lapie (2)

Édition Merle (1)

Edition Photo Artistique Ed. MARX (3)

Édition Picard (7)

Edition Pleint (12 – in a booklet)

Édition Soignee (1)

Editions “La Cigogne” (28)

Editions Azur Riviera (2)

Editions CAP (6)

Editions Clouet (1)

Editions d’Art Montluet (1)

Editions d’Art Munier (12)

Éditions d’Art Yvon Paris (16)

Editions Greff (2)

Editions La Cigogne (15)

Editions M.S.C. Cartes (1)

Editions « Malo » (5)

Editions Photoguy (18)

Editions RENE (2)

Editions S.E.P.T. (46)

Editions S.M.D. CIM (12)

E L B E éditions (1)

ELD (3)

Epicerie-Tabacs du Passage à niveau (1)

Etablissement de Photographie Giletta (69)

Etablissements Frédéric Laugier (40)

Euredis (1)

F.R. (7)

FG (3)

G. Rossat-Mignod (6)

Heliogravure Combier Macon (5)

Imp. de l’Eclaireur (1)

Imp. E. Le Deley (4)

Imp. Foucachon (1)

Imp. Imbert & Co (1)

Imp. Phot. A. Thiriat et H. Basuyad (4)

Imp. Phot. Neurdein et Cie (5)

Impres. de France « Alain » (1)

Imprlmerie Monégasque (1)

J. Gilletta et Cie (16)

J. Le Marigny, Edit. (1)

L. Gilletta et Cie (3)

Les Belles Editions Françaises (2)

Les Editions Gilletta (2)

Les Editions Mar (7)

Les Editions “MAR” (22)

Lestrohan le Rhône (5)

Levy Fils et Cie (44)

Lévy et Neurdein Réunis (36)

Litografia Seven (3)

Lombard Éditeur (5)

Munier Editeur d’Art (9)

Munier Editeur d’Art (20 – in a booklet)

ND Phot (65)

Neurdein Frères (10)

Photo Bonjean (1)

Photo Colin (2)

Photo H. Adant (2)

Photo P. Eggermont (8)

Photo-ateliers Baudouin-Vincent (3)

Photochromie A.D.I.A. (11)

Photocouleur A.D.I.A. (5)

Photogravure de la Nouvelle Imp. de Vence (1)

Phototypie A.D.I.A. (5)

Radiogravure A. Breger Frères (1)

Riviera-Diffusion (1)

Robaudy (1)

Rostan & Munier – Éditions d’Art (31)

Rostan & Munier (11 – in a booklet)

Rostan & Reneaud, Éditeurs (1)

SNYPA – Cliché Colette DEFIVES (2)

Ste. Altari (2)

Tabac Presse du Grand Jardin (1)

Tronc-Founade (2)

Villa Le Rêve Vence (1)

Vue Orsoni (3)

World On DVD (1)

Unknown Manufacturers (30)

Unknown Manufacturer (14 – in a booklet)

TOTAL CARDS (as of July 7, 2024) = 963