Vence Postcards

Manufacturer: Euredis – 1 postcard.

There is just one postcard in this collection manufactured under the name of Euredis.

The front of the card features a black and white image with a location and a short description. “En 1900…” is printed in the upper left corner on the back of the card.

This card is clearly later day reproductions of an earlier card by a different manufacturer.

The following address is listed on the back of the card:

euredis 44 rue Delanglade 13006 Marseille Tél 91/54.84.61

I am certain that this manufacturer is related to another, Lestrohan le Rhône. The cards from both companies are exactly the same: a black and white reproduction of an older card on heavy cardstock. The backs of the cards from the two companies are identical, including the layout, the fonts and the “En 1900…” in the upper left corner. The only difference is the name of the company and the address, though both are based in Marseille.

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Steve and Carole in Vence - Vintage French Postcard - Euredis - Front
La Rue du Marché
Steve and Carole in Vence - Vintage French Postcard - Euredis - Back