Vintage Nice Booklet

July 23, 2023

A small, pocket-sized 36 page booklet full of beautiful black and white photos of Nice and surrounding areas.

Steve and Carole in Vence - Small Nice Booklet

A small, pocket sized 36 page booklet about Nice. Maybe it’s a little souvenir from your time spent on the Côte d’Azur? Maybe it’s an enticement to get you to visit Nice la Belle? Either way it’s a beautiful little piece with lots and lots of wonderful vintage black and white photos of Nice and its surrounding areas. There is no date listed anywhere on the booklet but my best guess is that it is from sometime in the 1950s.

The cover features a small clown-like figure hanging onto the drapes of a window along the famous Promenade des Anglais, most likely one of the ritzy hotels such as The Negresco. Inside you’ll find some introductory information and then page after page of photos depicting the various neighborhoods, sites and attractions of Nice. From the Musée Masséna to the flower market to Cimiez to the Opera to the Casino and more the black and white photos paint a marvelous invitation to the city. If you’ve visited Nice in the past you’ll treasure these little snapshots and if you’re thinking about going sometime in the future you’ll want to start packing your bags.

There are also photos from some of the famous Nice annual events such as Carnaval and the flower battle and artwork from renowned artists with a connection to Nice such as Raoul Dufy, Claude Monet and Henri Matisse. The final pages are devoted to nearby attractions such as Antibes, Cannes, Menton, Monaco, Grasse, Tende and more. Vence even gets a shoutout with nice photo of the Peyra Fountain.

The back cover provides a long list of places all over the world where you can obtain information about the city.

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