Vence And Its Fountains

November 8, 2020

Small flier about the fountains in Vence

I’ve been fascinated with the fountains in Vence (and really all over the south of France) since I first started coming here many years ago. I’ve written in depth about the Vence fountains on this website. Several years ago I found this small flier at the Office de Tourisme. Dated 2010, it outlines a short walk through Vence to discover many of the fountains. My article covers some of the same ones and a few different ones. 21cm by 15cm it is just one page, two sides.

   Download a high quality PDF of this brochure (62mb)
   Download a good quality PDF of this brochure (841kb)

[click on any image to see sample pages – more info after the samples]

The flier is in English and while it is quite short it covers a lot of territory. The suggested path takes you to fourteen fountains and would probably take the average person about and hour or hour and a half to complete. It stays mostly near the center of the town and includes most of the Vence’s best fountains. The directions can be a little hard to follow if you are not familiar with the town and they don’t provide a lot of background on each of the fountains, but it is, nevertheless, a very useful little flier.

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