Provence – d’Avignon de Nimes d’Arles

November 20, 2022

A small 16 page folding brochure from Services Automobiles P.L.M.

A very cool little folding brochure with 16 pages. Each one of 8 pages features a destination in the area: Nimes, Aigues-Mortes, Arles, Sainte-Maries, Pont du Gard, Vaucluse, Orange and Avignon. Each page features a nice black and white photograph of a famous landmark in the area. When opened fully these pages are contained on one side and on the other is a large beautiful map of the area.

In addition to the actual map the second side features small watercolor drawings of more famous landmarks in the area such as Mont-Ventoux, the arena at Nimes, the Pont-du-Gard, the Roman theater in Orange and more.

It’s basically a tour guide with thirteen short routes one can follow by car. The brochure is dated summer 1930.

   Download a super high quality PDF of this booklet (116mb) – large file, be patient
   Download an excellent quality PDF of this booklet (10mb)
   Download a very good quality PDF of this booklet (1mb)

[click on any image to see sample pages]

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