Vence List Of Hotels From 1924

October 31, 2020

Vence List of Hotels from 1924

This is a wonderful little find, a four page brochure from 1924 listing all the hotels and “Pensions de Famille” for the 1924-1925 tourist season. It measures about 24cm by 11cm when folded. It’s an excellent glance back at a time in history when Vence was a true tourist destination for many. The copy I found is in excellent shape, a bit of wear and one small tear, but overall very nice.

   Download a high quality PDF of this brochure (136mb)
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[click on any image to see sample pages – more info after the samples]

The front of the brochure acts as a small billboard with information about the town and the contents. Vence is described as a “Station Touristique” (a tourist resort). For more information you are invited to send a letter to the Président of the Tourist Office, with the reminder to enclose a .25 franc stamp for your reply. You can also ask for a brochure about Vence for 2.50 francs.

Inside you’ll find a listing of five hotels, none of which are still in operation today. The Domaine de la Conque is now the EHPAD Onac La Conque, a retirement home for war veterans, located on the west side of town next to the Parc de la Conque. The Hôtel du Lion-d’Or is now the L’Auberge des Seigneurs located next to the Vence Museum in the old town.

There are twenty-one “pensions” listed, what we might think of today as bed and breakfast accomodations or guest-houses. Some basic information follows each listing and in some cases a phone number, which is just one or two digits!

I found this at “Chine & Bouquine,” a wonderful little bookshop here in Vence. If you have a chance, stop by and visit them (4, rue saint Véran, near the Porte d’Orient).

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